East and West Hawaii have morning rush hour and after school 3 pm till 6 pm rush hour problems.

My solutions

West side: assign an A-team consisting of Public Works traffic division, traffic police officer working during the schedule times, traffic engineer to adjust and monitor signals. Use Traffic division manpower to cone road to double lane capability going north in the mornings and going south in the afternoons. Very similar to what they currently do on Kauai.

Cones to make an extra lane in the afternoon, would start just pass Henry Street to a little way pass Lako St. With the possibilities to have a special duty Police officers moving the traffic at the narrowest part of the road before you reach the double lane road before King Kamehameha III road. We would also monitor the stop sign at Kuakini Highway and Kaiwi St. with the Palani Road and Kuakini intersection. That means moving the traffic lights manually, monitory the traffic flow from 3 pm to 6 pm. Bike riding and jogging would be limited to the Mauka side of the road with no biking and jogging on the makai side during these times.

Morning times would be 6 am to 9 am no bike riding and jogging on Mauka side of the road cone from Lako St. till the road becomes a double lane road at Lowes turn off.

EAST side: Very similar what they do on Kauai until we can add more roads into Hilo, Monitor the traffic lights, cone up to make an extra lane, no jogging on the makai side of the road 6 am to 9 am in the mornings. Reverse this solution in the afternoons from 3 pm to 6  pm leaving Hilo. Also encourage carpooling, share riding, and get our bus systems back up to speed.