My Strategic Plan

My system for leading the County of Hawaii to get things done, by assigning :


Solve the short-term problems that arise from our local Island wide community meetings to fix ASAP

This group will consist of crossover department employees, community members to get  on projects  immediately 2 days to 6 months. Very tangled projects, my system could have several A Teams working together across the Island. You could also call it small task force, very simple and very effective.


Special task force of crossover departments experts along with community members, possibly a special consultant to get projects done in my term, 6 months to 4 years.


A long -term Task force of crossover departments possibly consultants supporting projects that will go pass my administration. Leaving it to continue, support permitting application and projects that need Federal, State approvals. Examples of community development plans, new state and federal highways, projects that need all agency’s to be on the same permitting page.


Long term planning teams working with Planning Department, Research and Development, Army Corp.

Climate changes impacts, geology changes etc. Supporting the long-term growth of our Island. Including self-sufficiency, energy projects, agricultural growth.