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Please stay home listen to the experts and say lots of prayers to the ones on the front lines. The doctors, nurses, EMT’s Fireman, police and volunteer’s a huge Mahalo to all of you. I know the County of Hawaii had a pandemic plan I don’t understand why it hasn’t come to fruition. One of my videos shared what I would do if you so humbly voted me to be your next Mayor. We need to reinforce our communication across the island, bring food to our kupunas, plan not just where our shelters are, but where we can have make shift hospitals, our biggest concern will be staffing, what extra medical volunteers do we have in each community that can be available if, or should I say when we’re short on manpower. When we get through this together, establish a phone tree of volunteers in every neighborhood that civil defense could reach out too, in this time of crises, these member’s that have some experience in the medical field, either retired police, fireman or ex-military.

Again, be patience, reinforce your commitment to your family, tell them that you love them, lets’ get a positive out of all of this, our ohana staying together reconnecting our family bonds

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